job hunt, school work, and enigma oh my!

I have been pretty busy with school work lately I haven't been posting as much as I would like. This of course means that some details are lost to time. However here is basically what I have been up to on the Enigma project. I realized they my horrible performance was from some sort of bug related the the irrlicht collision detection. I commented out my code that added the collision response scene node to the scene and my fps went from 20 to 500. That was a bit of a relief to me because I was concerned that my engines performance was going to be so bad that it would be unplayable with any relatively complex scene.

So after that I started looking into other options for physics in the game I tried to whip up a ode based system with mixed results. I then was going to give bullet a try however it appears bullet will not compile with the 2003 toolkit. Which some of you may know I need to maintain compatibility with some of the stuff I'm using like the gecko SDK wrapper. Apparently if you have visual c++ 6 you can get updates that make it work but the toolkit got no such update and it is not supported anymore. From what I understand the mozilla source tree won't build on newer msvc versions so I'm kind of stuck with regards to that. The reason this is an issue is because the compilers use different versions of the runtime. I bet if I could choose the old runtime but use the new compiler it would probably work great. Anyway I think the issue has something to do with bullets usage of macros.

After that I was contemplating PhysX that is until I found out it only supports Windows and if you even have an AMD/ATI card in your computer it disables the physics hardware acceleration. WTF Nvidia I used to like you guys. But anyway I think my solution is going to end up being creating a device system like the one irrrlicht uses for DirectX & OpenGL. That way people can use whatever works best for them. And I will always have a fall back in case of some weird regression that I can't work around.

Also I have added some data structures for monsters & items to the game. Don't get too excited though I don't plan to actually implement that stuff until I get to the versions they are supposed to be implemented in. I just realized that the code is pretty much the same as the other entities so I coded the parts that were the same while I was in the area. So the long and short of all this is that I haven't been getting as much of the actual version related development completed but I have fixed some regressions and the code base has become more robust.


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