right-click death!

I'm making pretty good progress overall but there is one bug that pops up now and again. When I right-click to rotate the camera the client freezes. Sometimes it does it and sometimes it does not. I thought I had it fixed a few revisions ago but it started doing it again for reasons yet unknown. I actually tried commenting out the code that handles the context menu thinking that might be causing it. But it still froze. Further more I threw some cout calls in there and it was for sure getting past that code before freezing. It's like it executes all of my code and then freezes. It's the strangest thing. Also I checked that whole section of code and I saw no recursive calls and no loops that should be unable to meet their condition. So I don't know how it could possibly be an infinite loop but that is what it looks like.

I'm thinking about starting to work on the Linux build again. The reason is mostly so I can see if it happens on another platform. Kind of a silly reason I guess but using multiple platforms & compilers tends to make code more robust. I would work on the mac build but just getting the libraries about made me crazy last time. Linux is probably the easiest operating system to setup a build environment on that I have ever encountered. Windows is second it probably just because it is so well supported.

But anyway be aware of that bug if you get a copy from source control.


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