0.8.0 on the way

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been real busy with school, taxes, and life in general. This quarter at school is almost over and I have all of my taxes taken care of except my city taxes. Even though I have been busy lately I have managed to make some progress on Enigma. I only have one known bug right now assuming the right-click death doesn't return. I have also gotten Enigma client and server to work on Linux minus the video playback and in game browser. The video simply isn't implemented for any other platform because the windows version uses DirectShow. I plan to use gstreamer for Linux but I haven't implemented it yet. I'm not planning on doing that for this release though because that will be allot of work to learn the API and get a working implementation. However Audio, Video, and physics all have a device based architecture so it is easy to create new "devices" if you know the API. What I really need is some platform maintainers or just plain contributors but that probably won't happen for a while.

So I plan to have 0.8.0 out very soon with multiple platforms being supported to some degree. Alright back to school work.


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