Npc progress

I finally got Npcs in the game last night. Or at least the server reports them to the client correctly and the client displays them in the correct location. Right now the location is pretty bad I just set it to 0,0,0 so it's off the edge of the map and below it a bit. You still can't talk to Npcs or anything yet so this seems like a baby step but it was a pain. One thing I should mention is that the Npcs id field is zero which is a problem. Server side I made the code use a string Id for Npcs so content creators could give them meaningful Ids. That won't work for the client/server protocol though because the string id could be large and I should really only need 4 bytes. Well unless we need more than four billion Npcs. But anyway I'll have to account for that somehow. Maybe a static int that increments when a new Npc is created. Like a reference count but I wouldn't decrement it when one is deleted. I mean really I only need the id for telling the client which Npc to do stuff too. The string id can be used for all the client stuff.

Anyway I haven't had allot of time to work on it I have a group project in my online class, an individual project in my project management class, and a least one paper every week in my environmental issues class. Plus I'm still working one taxes, Ugh.

I'll try to get some work done this week no promises though.


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