0.8.0 misses the mark.

After releasing 0.8.0 I became aware of a rather nasty bug in the code. There is actually a memory leak of all things. It is pretty quick as well if I didn't have 4 GB of usable ram in my system I would probably have noticed it sooner. I fixed it in the trunk but 0.8.0 is still effected by this bug. There is another smaller memory leak as well that I have yet to locate but I'm sure it is something similar. The memory leak in this case was simply creating a message and not sending it. Because it was never sent it was never cleaned up which obviously caused a memory leak. The problem was I was creating a message and based on some conditions either sending it or ignoring it. I changed the code to call the new clear method when the condition was not met. That solved the memory leak.

I'm thinking about having the message container class clean up if a message isn't sent before it is destructed. This may help prevent further memory leaks like this one in the future. As much as I hate to say it chances are good I will make this mistake again. All those years of .net programming have spoiled me. No automatic cleanup in c++ :-(.

I'm also working on adding items. This release maybe delayed like the last one because I started a new quarter at school and I have a couple job interviews. If I either A get a job or B have a heavy coursework load then I will have little time to work on Enigma. And if A and B happen I'll probably have some sort of breakdown. It would be really awesome if someone would just pay me to work on this project but allow me to retain intellectual property rights. Oh well, a guy can dream.


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