0.8.0 Released

Version 0.8.0 of the Enigma project is finally available. The key features of this release are NPCs and Video playback. Currently the video playback only works under windows but the driver architecture allows drivers to be implemented for various APIs/platforms. NPCs work on both Windows & Linux. Presumably they would work on Mac as well but I wasn't able to get a working build environment setup. There are no major bonus features but I large amount of work has gone into bug fixing and overall code correctness.

I was going to make a binary release and I have the files locally but I was unable to upload the files to source forge. Every time I tried it would just sit there at the wait screen for hours even after the actual transfer was complete. So this will be a source version again. For those of you downloading these source versions you will noticed I changed the organization of the svn tree. All Enigma files are under "Enigma" and the development trunk is under "Enigma-Trunk".

There are only two known bugs right now. The first is under some unknown circumstances right-clicking may cause the client to freeze. The other is that switching maps while moving may cause you to spawn outside of the map causing you to fall.


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