OpenGL 4.0

Alright, so I'm a little behind the curve. I just found out about OpenGL 4.0. I'm really hoping that new versions of irrlicht come out with support for it as well as DirectX 11. The Enigma engine is supposed to be a next generation type engine based on open source technology but the core isn't up to date right now. This hasn't been an issue because I don't have any decent test graphics nor do I have a nice level for testers to run around on. Right now I'm still using the same level I have been using for many versions. All of my graphics people have basically bailed on me so I'm back to solo mode I guess. It would have been nice to get some results first but I guess it can't be helped.

On a somewhat related note I have Social Psychology, Statistics, and Project Documentation & Communication. The core class (doc & com) isn't too bad but the social psychology and statistics classes are a bit rough. Not that statistics is rocket science or anything but I don't test well when it comes to math. I'm doing alright with regard to my grades but I haven't had the time / energy to work on Enigma. So this is going to be another slow release. I really don't know how Darby & Elizabeth do this with jobs lol.


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