AMD 890FX Chipset

I don't know how many of you are aware of this but I'm a big AMD fan. I have been for years. But at anyrate there is a soon to be released AMD chipset called 890FX. It has some pretty nice features from what I understand. Gigabyte is supposed to release a new motherboard using this chipset. As it happens I'm also a long time Gigabyte fan. This new motherboard sports 2 16x PCIE slots, 2 8x PCIE slots, and 2 4x PCIE slots. All of those are actually 16x in terms of physical size but those are the speeds they run at from what I have been able to gather. This motherboard sports sata 6 and usb 3.0 presumably without hindering the 16x PCIE slots like allot of other motherboards. Information is still pretty limited at this point and some of it maybe subject to change but I'm still pretty excited about it. If I have money when it comes out I'm probably going to get it. This motherboard uses AM3 socket which is the most recent AMD socket for desktop processors. There are rumors that the bulldozer processors that are scheduled for 2011 will use AM3 rev2 in which case there maybe an upgrade path with this board via a bios update or something of that sort. In which case I'll be pulling my cpu and replacing it in 2011 :-).

On a project related note I'm still working away on the items when I have time. I recently added some code to the combat manager class which will be handling items. The reason for this is that items for the most part are combat oriented. Although less important I also added some code to add the total memory size of items into the maximum user calculation. So now the startup user limit check based on memory now takes into account items instead of just character & user sizes. The upper bound is based on a new define I added to the item class. The maximum number of items for inventory and stash is currently set to 800 each. This doesn't effect anything yet other than the memory calculations but it will once items are fully implemented. The next thing on the list will probably be stack sizes and then I'll need to update the client including ui related stuff. I'll probably start with the actual inventory because that is the most complete on the client.


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