unsuccessful programmer is unsuccessful

Quick update, I'm still working on the authentication. I have most of the ground work in place however I'm currently have a character encoding issue. Apparently somewhere the hashed password in the database is getting mutated into something different. Basically it doesn't match the hash fresh from the user so the authentication fails. It doesn't throw exceptions all over anymore so that is pretty neat. But that's what happens when you work so long on a piece of code before to get far enough to actually be able to test something. *Lol irreducible complexity* At any rate the generic data access components are tested now and they are working great. I think the nature of the issue is that the editor I'm using for SQLite is using a different character encoding than I'm using from code. Thus a hash password I enter via the editor doesn't work at all. So in the end I may end up adding the ability to register users just so I can test logging in.

Another thing that is delaying all the releases is school work. Not that I'm over loaded or anything but after I finish working on it I feel rather unambitious. As such releases are moving slow to begin with even without development troubles. Although to be honest I don't think this is such a thing as development without troubles. That would be like writing without typos. But anyway same old same old with a touch of new code.

The short version of the story is that I hit a few bumps in the road so I'm not ready for a release yet. Alright thats all for tonight I stayed up too late again. Thanks for reading.


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