Relatively recently a reader contacted me and told me about Berkelium which is a off screen render similar to the OffScreenGecko library that I'm using now in Enigma. I bookmarked it but I hadn't gotten around to playing around with it. However tonight I decided to try a test implementation. I used the binaries and headers for windows available on the Berkelium site. I got an initial implementation created but I wasn't able to get it to link correctly. A few but not all classes and static functions resulted in unresolvable symbol errors. So I rolled back to the old renderer but left all the code in place. I will revisit that at some future date as it isn't really needed for this release anyway I just wanted to give it a go and see if I could get something to work.

For the purpose of testing the browser after the roll back I commented out the code that was calling into the new authentication logic which is the way I committed it to SVN. It was just as well because I'm getting a access error from somewhere. I don't remember that happening the last time I was playing with the authentication code so I may have a regression on my hands. Although to be fair the authentication code never really worked to begin with it just kinda worked and on top of that I did a rebuild of everything so it is possible that the build target just wasn't up to date and the issue was introduced much earlier. Although that seems unlikely given the fact that I had added debug output messages in several pieces of code and they were indeed appearing in the console. But at any rate although in terms of structure I'm close to release the fact that none of it actually works is kind of a problem.

This quarter at college is almost finished so I may have more time to work on Enigma the trick will be working on it instead of playing DDO or messing around facebook. The good news is I think I'm pretty burnt out of DDO because of all the bad groups I have been in so I should end up focusing more on Enigma. As a matter of fact I plan on working on it tomorrow unless end up doing something with some friends or something.

Alright that's enough for now special thanks to the user that told me about berkelium the browser thing not the metal. :-) I look forward to hearing from more of you. Thanks for reading now it's time for sleep.


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