I added forms authentication to the EnigmaWeb website tonight. I finished my procurement plan for school, did one quest on DDO and decided to be somewhat productive. Yes schoolwork doesn't count. ;-)

So at any rate I'm quickly realizing that the EnigmaWeb project although completely necessary is almost like another project itself. Players expect more and more from these types of sites like being able to check pvp or guild ranks. Some games even allow the players to check other players gear and stats from the web interface. I'm not too sure I like that last idea though because anyone who does well will just get copied. But anyway point just being that it has a whole work load of it's own and I'm debating with myself if I'm going to add that type of stuff for version one. I need at least basic account management stuff which is totally cool but I need to decide where that cut off is soon. I will probably end up just adding stuff to EnimgaWeb as I need it for testing purposes on the actual client and server.

One closing thought there is a good reason why so many companies have epic fail attempts at MMORPGs one is because anyone with sense realizes sooner or later how big the task is and loses hope. Lucky for all of you I'm stubborn to a fault. Alright that's all for tonight thanks for reading.


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