New Job

I neglected to post but I have found employment at a local computer shop. In addition I have started another quarter in college. I'm mainly posting about my job though as that is the main thing that will be effecting my project progress. Although not dead the project will likely see a lengthy dry spell until my schedule gets settled. On the up side I'm working on their website so my programming skills shouldn't get dull in the process.

I primarily do service calls though. It's good honest work though they provide a ton of technical services related to networking/cabling and PC repair. So between service calls and website related tasks I'm getting to use both my hardware/networking background and my programming background. I think it's neat.

I'm pretty glad to be working on the website though it's currently pretty sad. Its more like a picture of a website. That picture looks kinda neat but just won't do for a company website. Oh well new stuff on the way those of you waiting for the next enigma release please be patient a while longer.

If you want to check out my employers website such as it is check out the url below.


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