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Seamless Enigma

So, I decided tonight while finishing a college paper that Enigma should be seamless as in the main part of the world should be able to be traversed without a traditional map change. So with that in mind as a goal I have started working on a new terrain system that loads up new terrain in front of you and unloads old terrain behind you. It will also move you and the terrain back to the center so irrlicht doesn't have to deal with super high choords and I don't have to do tricky stuff with the Skybox.

Speaking of which I plan to replace the skybox with a skydome I figure I'm doing this stuff in code anyway and the main reason I was using a box was because the old irredit didn't have a dome option.

Anyway I started working on it but my first test didn't go so well because I get an access error from someone in the code. Makes me miss dotnet a little where every exception has lots of information regarding called methods and the exception type. Not in standard c++ though,…