Visual Studio

Thus far in enigma I have been using code::blocks as my IDE and while it is the best cross-platform IDE I have used it still doesn't work as well as Visual Studio. So I have gone over to the dark side and started porting the project files to Visual Studio. Several other programs like code::blocks will import Visual Studio files so at that point there is very little reason for me to worry about using a cross-platform tool.

I'm already starting to see warnings that may actually be bugs in my code so this could end up improving the code base over all. Now those of you worried about Linux & Mac support. Don't worry code::blocks doesn't work so great on Mac so I'm planning on using xcode which I believe can import visual studio projects. code::blocks will likely still be used on Linux unless I find something better that imports visual studio files.

In addition I'm also switching over to ".dll" files for EnigmaCommon, EnigmaVideo, EnigmaVideo, and EnigmaBrowser. The build times are just getting out of hand. This way if I make a change to EnigmaCommon but it doesn't effect the binary interface I can simply build EnimgaCommon and drop the ".dll" in place and my my changes will take effect. This will also speed up development time quite allot as well as allow per binary optimizations. For example previously I've had some optimizations break the binaries but I'm free to try it on each one without effecting the whole directly. Of course if I break EnimgaCommon then the whole thing will be broken but this just gives me more options.

So basically I was working on LandBlocks got stuck was frustrated with my debugging issues related to code::blocks and started switching to Visual Studio. Alright that is enough for tonight thanks for reading.


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