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Hardware Exceptions & Such

Those of you that have looked at Enigma's code have probably noticed that I have been generating exceptions that can be caught from hardware and other low level exceptions. However I have recently decided that when such an exception occurs there isn't much I can do about it besides crash. The justification for this is access violations for example normally represent some sort of memory corruption. It is extremely difficult to recover from something like that at runtime. With that in mind I created a hardware exception class which is what I now throw in case of such exceptions. I went through all of my try catch blocks and made the majority of them re-throw exceptions of that type.

So now there are cases where enigma will crash completely however when I'm running it through VS I can now get a stack track which gives me clues to actually resolving the issue instead of just managing it. This wasn't possible before I was using VS because I couldn't get the debugging to …