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Nolson Tools

Quick shout out, I setup for my friend Nick. He will be posting information related to trouble shooting computers and such. I'll likely continue to help him maintain it for as long as he needs or until I get sick of it. At any rate it will be neat to see how it turns out.

Enigma Update

Some time ago I posted about my intentions of creating a transmission and session library for enigma. Well I have completed the transmission library albeit untested and have started work on the session library. First of all this is more work than I bargained for initially. Although I new this was a huge step I hadn't touched some most of this code in so long I forgot how long some of the processes were. It also makes me realize how much work I actually put into this thing so far. Although the meager feature list doesn't look like much it is actually pretty rough making all of that happen.

While I was overhauling things I realized that I hadn't considered the database in my new design plans. That is a pretty big oversight however I don't think it will force me to alter my plans very much. My intention is to make a database abstraction layer like I should have from the start and then have an instance of it owned by the session manager instance. Of course given that design…