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Enigma Client Events

Work on the client portion of the session library has been slow mostly due to my crazy work schedule. It is hard to dig into code when you never know when your going to get called to do a service call. I finished a recent programming job for one of my actual clients and sub-contracted work has slowed down as of late so I made some decent progress today. For the record I would rather business pick back up though because slow weeks are tight budget weeks.

Anyway down to business although the current approach works just fine on the server side of things (mostly because it is basically single threaded still) the client side will need something a little different. The problem is that although the session manager will keep track of the state there are certain things that have to happen when some events happen. For example when the map is changed the session library just has to change the map Id in the user object and reset the map object(server sends new data). The problem is that the clien…