Connection Established

It's been a long boring road to get to this point but tonight I got the new test client to connect to the server. Unfortunately that is all it is able to do at this point but that is still huge process in theory connecting the events to the new client should be relatively easy. In any case I should find out pretty quickly how fruitful all of my new architecture work has been. I'm excepting a few bugs here and there but hopefully nothing major.

After I get chat and such working again I'm going to start working on getting audio back in the game. Yes ... that's right audio in a console client. The reason is that the audio component should be fed from events so really it isn't tied to out the scene is presented and developing it with the test client should make it pretty easy to drop in once I have a new graphical client.

Also I'm thinking about completely recreating the RoadMap because the client is effectively below version 0.1.0. I should catch up to where it was but honestly I think this is a good chance to polish parts that were stubbed such as character creation.

Thats all for now I'm getting tired thanks for reading.


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