Enigma Events & Another Glorious Distraction

The Enigma events are now in place all of the events I have accounted for thus far anyway. All I have to do now is start in the client session manager and start adding code to generate events in the message processing functions. I hadn't finished the client session manager so it won't take too long to catch up to where I was and once I do it should be smooth sailing into the next phase which will be creating a test client that uses the new API. My test client will likely be a console application because that reduces the chances of errors in testing the session & transmission code so I can make sure it is solid before rebuilding the graphical client.

One potential difficulty is that on top of the fact I have been playing EQ2 again I have become interested in an operating system called Haiku which may distract me from my Enigma development effort. This isn't anything new though Enigma has been going on for years and there are occasional distractions and normally I come back new experiences that enable me to make Enigma even better. Haiku is heavily threaded so lets see what I learn.


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