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Enigma's New Home

Beyond the Enigma coding effort there is a separate but related effort to to actually make a game out of this thing. Previously this had been hosted on a site called Enigma RPG however Brandon and I need a site where we and those to work with us can post all of our game projects big and small. We also needed a name for all of these little projects to fall under. With all of that in mind the Enigma game information is now hosted on don't worry we didn't sell out to the man I own the domain and it is merely a place for those of us working on these neat little projects to post our work. We are still working on building the team though.

That is all for tonight I have a cabling job in the morning, thanks for reading.

Can You Hear Me Now?

I recently completed the addition of Guilds to Enigma and I just moved on to re-implementing the voice chat. However there were some problems with the previous version which I will have to address while I'm working on that section. All of the audio functionality has been moved to the new EnigmaAudio library. This will handle audio input and output. Right now it has the ability to play audio from any format supported by sndfile from a filename. At some point I'll probably add the ability to play by id like with maps and other resources. For now however it is working pretty well and gives me a good base for working on the new voice chat.

One of the voice chat issues I previously mentioned is that before I was actually just sending raw PCM data over the network which is obviously not going to work over the internet it did however allow me to test the mechanics of OpenAL. I've been doing some reading and my intention at this point is to use speex to encode the audio and then se…


MSVC is just about working my last nerve with this one. In the past I've had strange issues here and there like the compiler ignoring things it shouldn't however this one takes the cake. Right now I don't have any lock on the id of my entities because if I add the mutex to the base object class or even a different class such as storableobject then the compiler crashes with an error code of C1001.

Now for those of you who don't know basically a C1001 means the compiler got confused and gave up more or less. If you Google it you'll get allot of listings of other people having the same issue under different circumstances. The thing I'm struggling with is the fact that this is still an issue even though I have all the service packs and other updates for visual studio 2008. I've contemplated trying 2010 but I really doubt it will work any better. C++ is kinda getting ignored these days because it isn't trendy.

I guess at this point this is more of a rant but h…

Login restored

This morning I finally added the command parser to the session manager. Although it seems like a strange place for it putting it there seems to work rather nicely thus far. For example some commands are simply chat message so I simple push a chat event unto the event queue and I'm done. I have access to the transmission manager through an interface so sending messages to the server isn't an issue either.

After getting the command parser in place I tested a couple simple commands then added a brand new login command. although mostly useful for the console client I'm thinking it could also be useful for a voice based client if one were ever created. At any rate I tested it and it worked after a couple bug fixes. I'm one step closer to getting Enigma back up to the functional level it was at before I started the rewrite. I want to have community features restored before Enigma's 3rd birthday but we shall see I'm getting pretty close and I have allot of ground to co…