Can You Hear Me Now?

I recently completed the addition of Guilds to Enigma and I just moved on to re-implementing the voice chat. However there were some problems with the previous version which I will have to address while I'm working on that section. All of the audio functionality has been moved to the new EnigmaAudio library. This will handle audio input and output. Right now it has the ability to play audio from any format supported by sndfile from a filename. At some point I'll probably add the ability to play by id like with maps and other resources. For now however it is working pretty well and gives me a good base for working on the new voice chat.

One of the voice chat issues I previously mentioned is that before I was actually just sending raw PCM data over the network which is obviously not going to work over the internet it did however allow me to test the mechanics of OpenAL. I've been doing some reading and my intention at this point is to use speex to encode the audio and then send it like I was doing before. The speex library I believe has stuff built in for packet loss so I'll probably work reliable off for voice chat messages after I finish. That will improve the performance and allow speex's polished logic to shine.

All of this will probably have to wait until next weekend unless this week is super slow in terms of work. I sure hope not though I need the money. Alright that's enough for tonight thanks for reading.


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