MSVC is just about working my last nerve with this one. In the past I've had strange issues here and there like the compiler ignoring things it shouldn't however this one takes the cake. Right now I don't have any lock on the id of my entities because if I add the mutex to the base object class or even a different class such as storableobject then the compiler crashes with an error code of C1001.

Now for those of you who don't know basically a C1001 means the compiler got confused and gave up more or less. If you Google it you'll get allot of listings of other people having the same issue under different circumstances. The thing I'm struggling with is the fact that this is still an issue even though I have all the service packs and other updates for visual studio 2008. I've contemplated trying 2010 but I really doubt it will work any better. C++ is kinda getting ignored these days because it isn't trendy.

I guess at this point this is more of a rant but here is some information I have found. One thing that can cause this issue is multiple explicit templates there is even a Microsoft KB article about it no fix though their solution is don't do it. No suggestion for using 3rd party libraries that do. Also just general complexity tends to cause this issue. I don't have much of a choice given I'm creating an MMORPG but if you can help it keeping it simple may just same you some pain and suffering. Sometimes moving stuff around will clear it up but problems that magically go away have a way of magically coming back.

That is all for now thanks for reading.


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