Login restored

This morning I finally added the command parser to the session manager. Although it seems like a strange place for it putting it there seems to work rather nicely thus far. For example some commands are simply chat message so I simple push a chat event unto the event queue and I'm done. I have access to the transmission manager through an interface so sending messages to the server isn't an issue either.

After getting the command parser in place I tested a couple simple commands then added a brand new login command. although mostly useful for the console client I'm thinking it could also be useful for a voice based client if one were ever created. At any rate I tested it and it worked after a couple bug fixes. I'm one step closer to getting Enigma back up to the functional level it was at before I started the rewrite. I want to have community features restored before Enigma's 3rd birthday but we shall see I'm getting pretty close and I have allot of ground to cover.

On a related note I will probably have to turn the polling length for enet down on the client. It seems like it is waiting too long for traffic to come in and it can't be polling and sending at the same time because both require a lock on the host object. with the server it isn't an issue right now because it is only reactive at this point but the client is sending stuff to the server all the time in theory which means it needs to be more responsive. That said having a multi-threaded client and server makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside plus no deadlocks yet. We shall see how long that lasts.

Alright that's enough for tonight thanks for reading.


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