Enigma Ogre Client

Those of you keeping tabs on the SVN commits may have noticed I recently added a new project called EnigmaClient-Ogre to source control. It's exactly what it looks like I have finally added a new graphical client which will take the place of the old Irrlicht based client that used the old architecture. Several of the problems I was having before are addressed by this move. One issue was the lack of flexibility in the Irrlicht GUI system. I'm now using CEGUI which thus far has proved to be much more flexible and powerful than anything I could have thrown together. Also although not used yet Ogre has a paging scene manager which is what I was trying to achieve with the land blocks in Irrlicht accept it is better.

Part of the reason for starting the new graphical client now is simply that the features I'm working on are getting harder and harder to implement using a console interface. At some point it will surpass the effort to just implement it graphically. Fortunately for me CEGUI uses an event driven model as well so wiring up new controls is relatively painless. On top of that it integrates flawlessly with Ogre so I don't even have to call rendering events for the GUI it just does it when I tell Ogre to render.

As of this writing the new client is on 0.2.0 on the roadmap. Users are able to connect to the server, login, and exit. Although once you login you get an error because there is no character select screen yet. The other nice thing about using a graphical client again is I have something to show so I will.


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