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Catching Up

In December I will have been working for my new employer Emprise Technologies for a year. So far this has been a wonderful opportunity but it hasn't left much time for the Enigma project. In addition Brandon has been going to the Art Institute so he hasn't had as much time to work on the graphics and combat design but overall I think our experiences will only help Enigma in the long run. One interesting development is that I've been working on Info Hero which is my employer's new product. It is basically a streamlined way to get data in and out of systems using scheduled processors which they are currently calling interfaces or integration points. Internally they are also called ETLs. Things are going pretty well and it is nice to use Dotnet instead of C++ for a change although I wish we were using C# instead of VB.Net but that is just personal preference. I'm going to try to resume more regular postings so stay tuned and thank you for reading.