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SchaeferGL - BOOST & C String Methods

I've had to work multiple weekends which has delayed progress on SchaeferGL. However, i've been able to resolve more build errors. After switching the collections over to standard C++ collections I've also needed to update all of the for each loops (an effort which is still in progress). ToGL uses custom Valve macros to handle for each loops and there are different versions. I've been replacing them with the for each macro from the boost library. I've used it in the past and it has worked well for me. I've not used it in a project a performance sensitive as this one so once SchaeferGL builds I'll need to review the performance of this implementation choice. Another item that I've been working on is replacing the custom string methods with standard C string methods. One exception is a custom version that includes the length to compare. I'm using "memcmp" for that purpose. These like the for each loops will need to be reviewed for performanc…