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Hortonworks Certified Apache Hadoop Administrator 2.x

I haven't posted in awhile part of which is because the graphics card went bad on the machine I was using to develop SchaeferGL. In addition the possibility of a lower level API being released (OpenGL 5.0) may provide greater opportunities for performance gains. The other reason is that I've been heavily involved in a BigData initiative. As part of that I've been studying for the Hortonworks administrator certification exam. I passed that exam this morning so I am now a Hortonworks 2.x certified administrator.

There are some very interesting things going on in the tech community. One of which is Microsoft's partnership with Hortonworks. As part of that a Hadoop DotNet SDK has been released. The other interesting thing is Microsoft's plan to port DotNet to Mac and Linux and open source the whole thing. The reason I'm interested in these two developments is that YARN allows non-Java applications to run inside YARN containers so what I'd like to see is a Dotne…