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Google QUIC for Games?

I have a strong interest in the technologies used in games. In many ways I feel they represent the cutting edge of what we are able to do with computers. One of the trickier problems to solve is networking. Online games are highly sensitive to latency but also require reliability to ensure all players see the same world. Interpolation and other tricks are used to hide latency but it's effects are present in every online game I've played.

One of the topics that comes up when discussing networking in games is TCP versus UDP. I've read several articles and white papers on the subject and the argument really boils down to TCP is reliable and UDP is low latency. I've also used libraries that build on UDP to try to provide both such as ENet. My experience has been that you have to develop your security on top of those libraries in addition to your game specific networking code. These libraries do their job well enough but what if there was another option.
Enter Google's …