SchaeferGL - First Milestone

The three day weekend went by faster than I excepted but not before I was able to hit my first milestone on SchaeferGL. I got my first D3d9 example to run with SchaeferGL. It is a pretty basic example it just opens a window clears the surface, begins the scene, ends the scene, and then presents the scene. It took allot of effort to get this far but I now have a framework of sorts to start building out the other API calls. That being said the pieces I've implemented so far will need further revision. I have some depth stencil errors coming back from the validation layers and the example worked on my Nvidia test machine but not my AMD test machine. I can only assume the Nvidia driver is more lenient about API violations.

My work so far is available on GitHub in the following repository.

In addition to core functionality I've added some logging using boost. When the "_DEBUG" macro is defined SchaeferGL will setup the validation layers for additional feedback. This extra diagnostic information helped me get to the point I am now and will help me correct the errors that still remain. My next step will likely be adding log messages to the unimplemented methods so I can see when one of them is hit by a d3d9 example. Once I've achieved that and resolved the depth stencil issue I plan to move on to an example that renders a basic 3d shape.


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  2. I am happy that you do such crazy things!)) Your work is really needed by people. Especialy for linux users.

    Sorry for my not native english.

    1. I'm glad you found the project useful. I hope to have milestone 3 ready soon.

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