SchaeferGL - In the News

This morning I got a surprise. When I turned my phone on I had a message from a co-worker linking to a phoronix article talking about SchaeferGL. The feedback in the comments seemed mixed but a little publicity will help build a community around it. As the article's author mentioned I have allot of work ahead of me. In fact if it continues to be just me working on it my current estimate is that I'll pass my current unit tests sometime in late 2019. The good news is I've already got one possible contributor and as the project progresses I'm sure there will be more. I also recieved some complaints about the name. I'm open to changing the project name but I have no current plans to spend time coming up with one. Another complaint I saw in the comments was the age of d3d9. My response to that is simple not only are there allot of games that were built with d3d9 there continue to be games built with it. To the best of my knowledge Tree of Savior uses d3d9 and it was recently released. I think that d3d9 was easy so the adoption was high. In my opinion d3d9 or 3rd party engines will still be popular choices for small to medium game development companies.


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