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SchaeferGL - Milestone2 Completed

I'm excited to announce that I've reached my 2nd milestone for the SchaeferGL project. The sample now produces the same output using SchaeferGL as it does under native d3d9.

As you can see they are identical. All of my code is committed to github. Tomorrow night I will start on the next milestone.

SchaeferGL - Geomtry & Colors

I've managed to get the geometry and colors correct for the second sample. There are some transformations that aren't implemented currently which I believe is why the distance from the view port is different from native D3D9. I also need to revisit embedding the shaders into the DLL. Below is a screenshot of the sample running over Vulkan with SchaeferGL.

Even though I didn't hit my target date I am close to completing this milestone. RenderDoc has been incredibly helpful in resolving the issues I've been running into. Originally I was not able to use it because it would crash the samples. I opened a bug ticket and the author recently put an update in that fixed my issue. Apparently it was a bug that only effected the 32bit code path. In any case I've been using the nightly build so if any of you are working on 32bit applications I recommend downloading the latest nightly instead of using the one bundled with the LunarG SDK. This update should be in the next stable…

SchaeferGL- Making Progess

Just wanted to share a quick update before I call it a night. I've managed to get some geometry on the screen. I still have some work to do but I'm getting close.

SchaeferGL - Blank Screen

Some of you may have noticed I did not hit my target date for my second milestone. What is going on is I've implemented the code which should fulfill the requirements of the second milestone however I'm only getting a blank screen. There are no errors or warnings from the validation layers and renderdoc won't attach to my process. Because I'm not getting any feedback from these included debugging tools it's taking me longer than I had hoped to track down the culprit. Because this is taking so long to resolve I decided to update the target dates on the road map and I'm posting this to let anyone following the project know what is going on.