SchaeferGL - Geomtry & Colors

I've managed to get the geometry and colors correct for the second sample. There are some transformations that aren't implemented currently which I believe is why the distance from the view port is different from native D3D9. I also need to revisit embedding the shaders into the DLL. Below is a screenshot of the sample running over Vulkan with SchaeferGL.

Even though I didn't hit my target date I am close to completing this milestone. RenderDoc has been incredibly helpful in resolving the issues I've been running into. Originally I was not able to use it because it would crash the samples. I opened a bug ticket and the author recently put an update in that fixed my issue. Apparently it was a bug that only effected the 32bit code path. In any case I've been using the nightly build so if any of you are working on 32bit applications I recommend downloading the latest nightly instead of using the one bundled with the LunarG SDK. This update should be in the next stable release so with any luck it will be in the next SDK release as well.


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