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VK9 - Milestone5 Completed

Thanks to some time off from work due to Thanksgiving I've managed to reach the 5th milestone. Vk9 can now use indexed primitives. During the course of this sprint I ran into an interesting problem. When trying to run VK9 through RenderDoc it was crashing. As it turns out RenderDoc has added D3d9 support so it was trying to hook both APIs. To resolve this I've added RenderDoc integration into VK9. This support is not included in release builds and if it does not find the "renderdoc.dll" file it will skip it. Now when a debug build is running you simply need to open RenderDoc and attach to the existing process. You don't need to inject because it is already included.

VK9 - Milestone4 Completed

I'm excited to announce that I've reached the 4th milestone. In addition to hitting this new milestone I've included pre-compiled binaries under releases on Github. I've also added some basic installation instructions to aid users in trying out the library. Please note that this project is still in alpha and it is unlikely that any full games will run with it. Releases

Hardware Failure

I've been developing VK9 on my AMD test machine. Over the weekend that machine died. All of the drives stopped functioning so I suspect the issue is either power or the drive controller on the motherboard. In any case I'm in the process of moving my development over to my Intel/Nividia machine. In the pass I've had issues with the Nvidia vulkan drivers but hopefully things are in a better state now.